[Integrity Awards]

1. Scout Award

This award goes to a project designed to positively impact a social group, community, or environment.

2. Redefine Award

This award highlights a specific project's achievement in the recycling of something that already exists by redefining its characteristics to a create a sustainable design.

[Challenge Awards]

3. Pinch Award

The award goes to a design project that was able to achieve its greatest potential while also following a strict budget

4. Analog Award

With a world of ever growing technology this design award goes to a project that is able to define itself with out the use of aided contemporary technology.

5. Everyday Use Award

Art and design is in the world all around us but this award goes to a project that best displays a practical design of something that can be used or seen everyday by the average person.

[Experience Awards]

6. Motion Award

Design of a project that uses movement or motion to create an experience

7. Built Environment

Physical Design either permanent or temporary, that creates a spatial experience for public, private, commercial, or industrial purposes.

[Spark Awards]

8. Conceptual Award

This award goes to a conceptual idea or project that expresses creativity with no limits or restrictions. The design can be realistic or unrealistic and the budget is infinite.

9. Storytelling Award

Some designs can speak for themselves but to fully understand many designs communication is key. This award goes to a project that tells a story, or a story is told to portray the creativity of a design. This could be a complete history, or a small slice.

[Individuality Awards]

10. Beacon Award

This award highlights a young industry professional who has displayed outstanding achievements in the field of design or allied arts, community involvement, and dedication to their profession.

11 Door Knocker Award

An award for someone that has achieved entry level excellence and has excelled in their first year a professional or during their educational career.

12. Elastic Award

This award goes to someone who has overcome great challenges within their industry.

[Collaboration Awards]

13. Montage Award

This award goes to a submission that best displays multidisciplinary teamwork on a project celebrating the importance of collaboration in design.



Q: Does the project need to be in Denver?
A: No, the designer submitting for the award needs to be based out of the Denver area, but the project can be anywhere.

Q: Do I need to be a member of a design organization to submit?
A: No, we welcome anyone within the Denver area design community!

Q: When does the project need to be completed?
A: We are accepting submissions for projects completed within the last five years.

Q: Can I submit the same award within multiple categories?
A: Absolutely! You will just need to pay a submission fee for each category.

Q: Can I submit a team project if not all of the members are young professionals?
A: Yes, however, please only submit team projects if they are largely completed by emerging professionals. Applicants will be required to list members of their team and indicate each member’s level of experience.

Q: Can I submit work I completed as a student if I am not a student any more?
A: Absolutely! You can enter work within the student category that you completed as a student..

Q: How can I get tickets to the event? I hear this will be the coolest event ever and I am excited to see the venue, try the sushi and meet an amazing network of design professionals!
A: Tickets are on sale now! Each entrant receives one ticket per entry. We will reach out to entrants and sponsors with a promo code for tickets!

Q: Is there a dress code for the venue?
A: No dress code. Dress to impress!